Regional Welding Engineer

Job Responsibilities:
Acts as Corporate Lead and Weld EXPERT
Provide Technical expertise and leadership for the timely resolution of Weld processes. Serve as a resource for cause /effect analysis, investigations, statistical studies and corrective action planning.
Assist plants and facilities in the selection and installation of new capital equipment
Evaluate current plant machine tools to determine cost effective solutions for increased productivity and maintenance such as retrofit, replacement or addition of new machine tools
Act as the technical liaison and advisor while interfacing with the purchasing department
Develop and document standards (a standard book) that will be used as a reference for all the Weld processes
Establish the best practices and guide standard utilization throughout company
Support the development of manufacturing planning, initial tooling requirements and cost, capability
BS Degree in Mechanical Engineering or related degree
Salary: $95,000 - $110,000, relocation and bonus eligible

Don't Be Fooled

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